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Conference „Home-like Hospital Birth“ 1.-21.11.2021

alias Traditional Birth in Modern Times

Our goal:

The goal of our online conference is to share good practice in support of natural birth in maternity hospitals in the Czech Republic, Germany, the UK and other European countries.

We want to showcase different models of birth-care available Europe-wide and enable so a mutual inspiration among conference participants in order to improve birth care here in the Czech Republic and in other European countries.

The focus will be on the role of the midwife. Our speakers will present different workplaces where babies are birthed by midwives in delivery rooms or birthing rooms.

Who can take part:

Our event is aimed both at medical professionals as well as the broad public for the simple reason that birth, as such, concerns each and every one of us on a deeply personal level at least once in a lifetime. 

If you are a doctor, obstetrician or nurse engaged in childbirth, a student midwife, a student of medicine, an expectant mother or father or simply someone who wants to see an improvement in the quality of their local birth care, then this event is for you.

What to expect:

The presentations of our speakers (from maternity hospitals and birthing houses in the Czech Republic, Germany, the UK, Latvia and others) will be available in advance of the conference in Czech, German and English on the conference website. For a small fee you will have unlimited access to them all, you can view them at your own pace and leisure. 

Any questions you wish to ask a speaker you may send us via email to info@pdcap.cz

At the end of each conference week there will be a panel discussion with a question and answer session.

The panel discussion will take place via the platform Zoom. So that interpreting is working properly, each spectator will need to download the Zoom aplication to his/her computer and not only watch through Zoom web interface.

Topics of focus:

  • In your country, what education do midwives need to carry out their work? 
  • Where and how are midwives able to function?
  • What different options do expectant mothers have for childbirth? 
  • In what ways do midwives/doctors support a healthy pregnancy and a natural healthy birth? 
  • How does inter-disciplinary cooperation work? 
  • As a midwife, what aspect of your work would you like to change, what challenges do you face?
  • Do midwives face any limitations or obstacles on the part of the government/state? 
  • How is the work of midwives financed?


WEEK 1 – 1.-7.11.2011 Natural childbirth and birth centres

panel discussion on the topic of the week on 5.11.2021 at 19:00 CET

WEEK 2 – 8.-14.11.2011 Examples of good practice in maternity hospitals

panel discussion on the topic of the week on 12.11.2021 at 19:00 CET

WEEK 3 – 15.-21.11.2011 Community midwives and parents

panel discussion on the topic of the week on 19.11.2021 at 19:00 CET



This event is organised by Birth House Stork based in the Czech Republic under the auspices of Olga Richterová (Member of Parliament, Czech Pirate Party) and Miloš Růžička (Prague City Hall, Mayors and Independants Party).

We thank the Czech-German Fund for the Future for their financial support.